Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Interview with Andrew - Essential Outdoor Gear

Today's post includes an interview with Mr. Andrew Gable. Mr. Gable is a graduate student and former soldier in the United States Army. He very graciously answered a few questions that provide helpful advice for any person interested in the outdoors.

How long have you been an outdoor "enthusiast"? 
I have been hunting since I was about five years old.  I have since hunted, trapped, and fished in varying capacities. 
What is your favorite outdoor hobby? 
Hunting by far. 
Why do you enjoy the outdoors?  
The outdoors is magnificent and inspires appreciation for its beauty, but what I think keeps bringing me back is more the challenge, struggle, and wildness of being out.  One must in a way conquer both nature and its various elements to walk out successful at the end of the day.  Within that however there is a peace, a stillness that is both comforting and relaxing. 
How can having the right kind of outdoor equipment make a person's outdoor experience safe and enjoyable? any personal experiences? 
While equipment is not the measure of the experience it will measure the enjoyment and level of work found in the experience.  Like having the right tool for the right job in mechanics having the proper equipment can mean the difference between success and misery, between life and death.  The most important gear to the outdoor enthusiast will be the clothing/foot wear that they wear.  They must be able to stay cool, harm, dry, etc...  The second would be a GPS, compass, and or map with the ability to use them.  These two are cardinal requirements above situation specific necessities like canoes, kayaks, rifle, etc... per differing activities.   
What piece of equipment should a person always be sure and take with them into the woods? and why? 
Clothing appropriate to the conditions both present and possible future.  This is the one thing that will never change given the knowledge of the land or any other variable.  No matter who is going out they will equip themselves with the best they have for the environment. 

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