Friday, October 1, 2010

The “EDGE” of Survival

“So you have the map right? No, I thought you had it.” These are some infamous last words. You probably never want to be in a situation like this, but if you did get lost in a deep terrible forest what would you do? What gear could save your life? I would wager that most people underestimate the capabilities of a good knife.

Having a knife in the woods is like driving a Mazarati at a racetrack! The sky is the limit! You can perform many different jobs with a knife, for instance you can: construct a shelter, start a fire, obtain food and water, and protect yourself.

You might be asking, “What makes a knife a good knife?” That's a great question because not all knives are the same. They range in different sizes and shapes, from your everyday Boy Scout knives to Ranbow’s knife of death. I prefer a happy medium between those two.

From experience I’ve found Gerber Knives to be the most durable and easy to use. Gerber just came out with a new series of knives called the Survival Series. These new knives feature a five inch fixed blade, a flint (to start your fires), a blade sharpener, and a sheath to store your amazing knife. If you didn’t want to empty your wallet for a nice knife like this, you could always find a more basic model or an off-brand that will only set you back about twenty dollars.

So the next time you feel like leaving your map at home and getting lost in the woods be sure to bring your knife with you! It could save your life!

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  1. I also have been very happy with Gerber. Their knives are well priced and have very good steel in them for their price, they hold a good edge for a fair amount of time.

    I personally like my 7.5" KaBar. I had it sharpened by the owner of the company mentioned below, crazy edge. And the sheer size is just amazing to hold. The 1095 carbon steel is very strong and hard to sharpen, but holds a good edge. I got a good deal on mine and am very happy with it.

    If you are looking for the "Ferrari" of a knife, take a look at I know the owner and has handled a few of his knifes. Out of they box one can shave with them, really! Even after long use, the specially tempered D2 steel holds a insane edge.