Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Fun in Wisconsin


A quiet white blanket has settled over Wisconsin. The snow is here! What's there to do? Snow offers a variety of fun activities and many ways to see and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Here's three ways to enjoy the frigid Wisconsin winter!

  • Cross Country Skiing - This is a great way to see the beautiful winter landscape. Cross country skiing trail criss cross the state, so get out and enjoy them! For beginners, cross country skiing might be a bit challenging, but one can easily get the hang of it. Here's a list of Cross Country Ski Trails in WI.

  • Snowshoeing - Snowshoeing is beginning to make a comeback as a winter sport. Shoeshoeing is as silent a "silent sport" you can find. It's a great way to get out and see wildlife. In Wisconsin snowshoeing trails are limited, but there are many wild places to explore in Wisconsin. One beauty about snow shoeing is that you don't even need a trail! Just find a pact of land and explore! Here's a list of Shoeshoeing Trails in WI.

  • Snowmobiling - Here's a way to combine speed, the outdoors, and snow, all into one package! Snowmobiling is one of the most popular winter sports in Wisconsin, but you do need a snowmobile - which can be pricey. If you really want a snowmobile start looking in the spring and summer. This is when the best deals come about. Here's a list of Snowmobiling Trails in WI.

Don't be afraid to get out and try something new! Wear some warm clothes, take a camera, and who knows where you might end up!

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