Tuesday, November 23, 2010

'Tis the Season of Rifles and Shotguns

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The hunting season is in full swing in the land of America. Many hunters are eager to try out their newly purchased firearms. And others are wondering what type of gun they should invest their money into.

What makes a gun a good gun? How do I know what gun is right for me?

These are valid questions when considering what type of gun to purchase because there are as many types of guns as there is days in a year.

Common Gun Sizes
The three most common sizes of deer-hunting rifles are:

  •  .273
  • .30-06
  • .30-30

These number refer to the caliber size of the bullet. Normally the larger the caliber size the more "kick" a gun will have. Also each gun may have a different type of reloading action. Bolt-action, lever-action, and pump-action are the main types.

Personal Experience
When it comes to hunting, I use a Remington pump-action .30-06 rifle. This gun has never failed me. It has a simple action, and is very easy to use and operate. Each type of gun has their advantages and disadvantages. Always be sure to ask questions and look at the different types of guns in the store. Remember, buying a gun is an investment, so be sure to invest your money in a gun that you absolutely adore.

More Information
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